Research is ongoing to learn about the effects of anesthesia on children’s brains. An organisation called SmartTots  which is a partnership between the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS), are working to make anesthesia safer for infants and children.  The FDA  also issued a warning that repeated or lengthy exposure to general anesthesia may harm brain development in children under 3.

Traditionally, children need a general anesthetic in the operating room when they have ear tubes (grommets) inserted. This is because the surgeon needs to use several surgical instruments and a separate ear tube (grommet) and so the procedure can take time.

Solo TTD is a new device which allows patients to undergo tube surgery in a different way.


It is a handheld device, with the ear tube pre-loaded at the tip. The ear surgeon uses the device to  safely place the tube into the child’s ear with just one click of the button.

You and your doctor will discuss what is the best treatment option for you or your child; with Solo TTD your child may only need a topical anesthetic.

Solo TTD is a new product. ENT surgeons around the world helped to develop it and it is now available in Europe.

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As a medical device company, AventaMed may from time-to-time carry out clinical research on its products. If you are participating in a study further information is available here.