Solo+ TTD

Say Yes, to a New Choice
in Ear Tube Placement!

The Power of Choice

Simple, Quick, Cost-Effective
Ear Tube Procedure

Otitis Media Diagram

Ear Infections (Otitis Media):
The #1 Reason Children See a Doctor

Acute otitis media is the most common paediatric bacterial infection. Ear pain and fever are common symptoms, and there may be drainage of fluid from the ear, or even hearing loss in acute cases.

If your doctor recommends the placement of ear tubes for your child, you now have a choice.

Solo+ Tympanostomy Tube Device (TTD): You Now Have a Choice for Ear Tube Placement

Using as little as topical anaesthesia

The tubes are inserted in <3 seconds and child may return to normal activities

You may not require your child to fast

Procedure can be preformed outside Operating Room

If no general anaesthesia is used the greenhouse gas emissions reduces significantly

Benefits of Solo+ TTD vs. the Standard
Surgical Procedure Are Clear

Solo+ TTD Performed under Topical Anaesthesia

Patient Check In

Topical Anaesthesia administrated

Solo+ TTD Procedure Parents may be present

Child may return to normal activity

Standard Procedure Performed under General Anaesthesia

Child must Fast – no eating/drinking

Patient Check In

General Anaesthesia

Surgical Procedure Parent is separated from the child

Recovery Room


Solo+ TTD with callouts

Solo+ TTD Allows Patients To Undergo Tube Surgery In A Different Way

  • All-in-one ENT device for the insertion of ear tubes
  • Sterile operating room is not required
  • Using as little as topical anesthesia
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