About Us

AventaMed designs and develops innovative ent devices – delivering a better patient experience

AventaMed develops novel medical devices which simplify surgery, allowing procedures to move out of the Operating Room and into new sites of service, such as the clinical or doctor’s office. Our products save time, are less invasive and reduce costs to the healthcare provider while providing a better patient experience.

Solo Tympanostomy Tube Device (Solo TTD) for rapid ear tube placement

Solo TTD is an innovative, hand-held device which provides a new and efficient procedure for ENT surgeons. Solo TTD allows the ENT surgeon to implant grommets (ear tubes) away from the operating room using as little as local anesthesia. The Solo TTD ensures that patients receive as little anesthesia as possible and much less than in the multi-instrument, conventional OR procedure.

Solo TTD is available to all surgeons in Europe. Contact us for more information.