All-in-one Device

  • New way for ENT surgeons to treat their ear tube patients
  • Rapid tube deployment < 3 seconds
  • Blue button activates Device, retracts knife and deploys tube
  • Knife retracts to safe sheathed position when tube is deployed
  • Low profile Cartridge shaft with 45° bend to aid in visualization
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Tube Design

  • Pre-loaded at Device tip
  • Highly visible outer (proximal) flange aids in depth perception and placement
  • Lumen diameter of 1.14 mm
  • Expected stay-time of 6+ months
  • Silicone with embedded stainless-steel scaffold

Handpieces and Cartridges

Cartridge and handpiece

Handpiece and Cartridge components are provided sterile in individual packages.
For bilateral procedures, user reloads same Handpiece with another Cartridge.

Solo+ Assembly Steps:


Solo+ device assembly


Solo+ device assembly


Solo+ device assembly


Solo+ device assembly
Device placing tube Tube in place

After preparing patient for procedure
(using the anaesthetic of doctor’s choice)

  1. Surgeon manually penetrates the tympanic membrane with the device tip
  2. Then presses the Blue Button deploying the pre-loaded Tympanostomy Tube into the tympanic membrane