A New Choice For Ear Tube Surgery

Chronic ear infections (Otitis Media) are a leading reason for doctor visits and surgical procedures in young children. Until recently, ear tube placement was always performed in an operating room, requiring general anaesthesia for children.

Solo+ TTD provides a choice – enabling doctors to use as little as topical anaesthesia for the procedure. Speak with your ENT doctor to find out if our new ear tube procedure without general anaesthesia is an appropriate option.

Solo+ TTD: Treatment Using Topical Anaesthesia

Patient Check In

Topical Anaesthesia administrated

Solo+ TTD Procedure Parent may be present

Child may return to normal activity

Solo+ TTD: A Cost Effective Ear Tube Procedure

The new choice in ear tube placement provides benefits for parents, children, and the environment. The use of Solo+ TTD:

Has Potential for Fewer Visits to the Hospital

Is Intended for Less Time Away from Work

Has the Potential to Reduce Procedure CO2 Footprint

A New Choice

By using as little as topical anaesthesia, Solo+ TTD may eliminate the need for fasting, general anaesthesia, and the use of the operating room, for suitable patients.


With the Solo+ TTD, an all-in-one ear tube placement device, physicians can place a tube in your child’s ear with just one click of a button in less than 3 seconds.


The Solo+ TTD is a quick procedure which may require less time in the medical facility. When topical anesthesia is used, your child may return to normal activities.