The Use of Solo+:

  • Have potential to reduce the use of hospital resources
  • Is planned to free up the OR for other procedures
  • Have potential to reduce waiting list backlog
  • Have potential to reduce procedure CO2 footprint

Ear Tube Procedure Outside the Operating Room

Solo+ TTD Diagram

Several surgical procedures are migrating from the OR to alternative sites of care.

Simple: No risks associated with GA and no post operative recovery delirium, as GA is not used. Patient may not need several hours of fasting before the procedure. Parents may be present during the procedure.

Quick: Patient may return to the normal activities after. May be less time consuming for patient/family and surgeon.

Cost-Effective: Moving patient procedures out of the OR may have the potential to save costs.

FDA Warning on General Anaesthesia (GA) in Young Children [4-27-2017]

FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA approves label changes for use of general anaesthetic and sedation drugs in young children | FDA

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