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New Procedure to Revolutionise Paediatric Ear Surgery Performed for the First Time using AventaMed Solo+ Tympanostomy Tube Device (TTD)

AventaMed DAC, a Cork, Ireland company announced the first use of its Solo+ TTD in a paediatric patient while the patient was awake. The procedure was performed by Dr. João Pimentel, a prominent otorhinolaryngologist specialist in Lisbon, Portugal at Hospital da Luz Oeiras.

Immediately after the procedure, Dr. Pimentel said, "The case went very well - even better than I imagined. The child did very well during the brief procedure which lasted less than 5 minutes. The Solo+ TTD performed very well and enabled me to implant a tympanostomy tube in each ear in just a few seconds while the patient was awake. Ear tubes are usually inserted while a child is asleep using general anaesthesia."

Keith Jansen, President and CEO of AventaMed, commented, "The insertion of ear tubes is the most frequently performed surgical procedure on children. Millions of procedures are performed globally each year. The Solo+ TTD enables doctors to offer patients' families a very significant alternative to what has been performed until now. Many different types of procedures are being done in an ambulatory setting. Solo+ enables ear tube placements to be done there as well. This should also mean that significant cost savings can be realised for the payers of these procedures. Solo+ is the only product of its kind with a CE mark."

Dr. Pimentel added, "It is a significant benefit for patients to be able to immediately return to normal activities. Patients, and their families, no longer must wait in a hospital for a prolonged time period while the patient is prepared for surgery and then recovers from the general anaesthesia. As a result, parents can also return to their normal activities immediately."

Press Release: www.entandaudiologynews.com