Easy to use, button activated device for the delivery of a pre-loaded tympanostomy tube

Solo TTD from AventaMed is an innovative all-in-one ENT device for the insertion of ear tubes. Clinical data demonstrates that the Solo TTD is safe and effective for ear tube placement in pediatric patients. Solo TTD provides a new way for ENT surgeons to treat their ear tube patients.

Solo Tympanostomy Tube Device

  • Single instrument with pre-loaded tympanostomy tube and myringotome
  • General anesthesia is not always required
  • Sterile operating room is not required
  • Procedure is quick with rapid tube deployment < 3 seconds
  • Available in Europe
  • Undergoing clinical studies in USA

More options for ENT surgeons

Surgeons now have the option to offer suitable ear tube patients the Solo TTD procedure in their office or clinic, with as little as topical anesthetic.

The American Academy of  Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery issued a position statement on In-Office Placement of Tubes in Pediatric Patients While Awake

“The position of the AAO-HNS is that tympanostomy tubes are safe and effective for managing otitis media in children who meet current guidelines for tube insertion [Rosenfeld 2013].  Although insertion of tympanostomy tubes in children is generally accomplished in the operating room under general anesthesia, insertion in the clinic in appropriately selected patients using shared decision making between clinicians and families can be appropriate.”

Available in Europe

The Solo TTD is CE Marked and available in Europe, where patients have already been treated successfully.

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