Push & click technology delivered under local anesthetic or sedation

Solo TTD from AventaMed is an innovative all in one ENT device for the insertion of ear tubes. Clinical data demonstrates that the Solo TTD is safe and effective for ear tube placement in pediatric patients with sedation. It saves hospitals time and money whilst providing a new way for ENT surgeons to treat their ear tube patients.

Solo Tympanostomy Tube Device

  • Less invasive – one instrument and smaller incision
  • Clinically proven that general anesthesia is not required
  • Sterile operating room is not required
  • Saves time
  • Reduces costs
  • Provides a more relaxed procedure for patients and parents
  • Available in Europe

More options for ENT surgeons

Solo TTD reflects the growing trend in medicine for less invasive surgery. Surgeons now have the option to offer their patients treatment in their office/ clinic or procedure room, without the need for a surgical team, operating room and general anesthetic.

Lower Cost

  • Requires fewer resources
  • Less surgical staff
  • Higher throughput of patients
  • Lower overhead

Less Patient Stress

Hospitals are intimidating places for young children and parents are worried about the risks of general anesthetic. These two factors combine to make ear tube placement stressful for both patient and parent.

Solo TTD removes much of the stress by taking the placement of ear tubes away from the operating room. Clinical studies in the UK are complete and patients have been treated successfully with local anesthetic and moderate sedation. The Solo TTD is CE Marked.

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